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Get a Little Racy...with DS Virgin Racing

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Get a Little Racy...with DS Virgin Racing







When you think of revved up race cars, souped-up speedways and automotive aerodynamics, do you think of Virgin? If you answered YES, then congratulations, my friend—you’re on the right track [pun intended]. If you answered NO, then let’s face it—you’re tardy to the party. But don’t you worry, champ. I’m about to give you a supersonic crash course on DS Virgin Racing and how it’s breaking boundaries in more areas than one!


Let’s cut to the chase: DS Virgin Racing is not your typical race team…they’re so much more than that. They’re not just on a mission to win for themselves – they’re on a mission to win for all of us. DS Virgin Racing isn't afraid to get a little racy, especially when it comes to standing strong for their vision. They constantly work to make a positive impact, both on and off the track. Here are three good reasons why you should get a little racy with them, too…




  1. 1. The Environmental Awareness Fun fact: did you know that motor vehicles are the single biggest source of pollution in the entire world? Well, DS Virgin Racing sure knows...and that's why they are doing something about it. Let's be real — it's no secret that pollution has a huge negative impact on our health and wellbeing. Not only does DS Virgin Racing show awareness for our environment by using only electric-powered cars, they are also 100% committed to providing even better electric cars for every day drivers in the future. Now, that's enough to make you wanna celebrate. Pop the bubbly, anyone?  
  2. 2. The Advanced Technology Let's be clear about this one thing. I'm no tech geek by any means, but trust — I'm willing to be one for DS Virgin Racing! DS Virgin Racing is leading edge when it comes to technology development within racing. Not only are they tremendously passionate about cars, they're also passionate about the technology that runs them. And did I mention that they compete in the electric racing series called Formula E? Now, this is a connection that was meant to be —considering that Formula E is a class of auto racing that exclusively uses electric powered cars. Just like DS Virgin Racing, Formula E is notably passionate about the advancement of technology. [So passionate that they even give fans the opportunity to get involved and make an impact simply by voting for their favorite drivers online!]
  3. 3. The Live Entertainment Word on the street is that DS Virgin Racing also knows how to throw a party! But not just any party…the kind that makes you want to arrive early and stay a little late. Evidently, you have been missing out on some serious goodness in your life. DS Virgin Racing is pretty much everything that I dream about — all mashed up into one amazing live experience. After the races are over, DS Virgin Racing likes to heat things up a bit with live music, awesome DJs and super-talented music artists hitting the stage. Let's do some math here...good people + good music + a whole-lotta fun. Sounds like an equation that equals pure happiness to me!

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Okay, class. So what have we learned today? All in all, DS Virgin Racing is the best friend you never knew you needed. It's in-the-know with all the latest tech, it cares about your health and well-being, and it knows how to throw a dang-good party!


So the next time you’re in the mood to be a little racy, head on over to and get your tail (light) in gear!




NEXT STOP:  NEW YORK, NY  - July 15th & 16th

Get involved by voting for your favorite drivers HERE! 


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