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Getting close with Sofar Sounds

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Getting close with Sofar Sounds

What's up guys and gals! How's it going? Where are all my music heads in the community?? Wait, I'm having déjà vu… Have I talked to you all before about music before? Hmm..whatev..


Anyway, I recently had the wonderful pleasure of attending a Sofar Sounds event a couple weeks ago in Kansas city, MO and it was quite the experience! For those of you who don't know what Sofar Sounds is, it is a musically centered network that was founded in 2002 with the intent of giving local artists and musicians a chance to showcase their talents live among audiences from within their community.




So let me break it down to ya on how it works. First of all, the shows are FREE .99!! Do I even need to continue or should I just include the link to sign up? Free live music? What else do you need to know right? Lol! Well let me provide the rest of the details for the very particular people.


Since the shows are free, they are held in various “secret” locations. It can range from a living room, a kitchen, a backyard, a warehouse, or even a bedroom! Whoa… Kinda weird?


Well look, the shows are very intimate and the audience can be as small as 20 guests. It all depends on the venue. So in my case, the show I attended was in a very residential neighborhood in someone's backyard. (Volunteers can offer their space to hold shows) So I arrive at the house on a very hot and humid summer Kansas City evening.


Pause, let me backtrack and address the “secret” location part. So upon signing up for the show, the locations aren't released until the day before the actual event. I'm sure they do that for various reasons but it still works out fine because 9/10 the host will be in a central location so guests won't have to travel far.


Once I got there, I found a seat and conversed with the other guests. Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed and intimate like a group of friends getting ready to watch a show. Oh, and let me add, it was byob.


The show had a band and a solo artist. The solo artist did her set of 4 short songs which everyone enjoyed. However, remember when I told you we were outside? We ended up getting rained out as soon as the next group was setting up to perform. It sucks but that's one of the risks that's taken when locations are spontaneous like this. Fortunately, the organizers promised everyone a rain check and could attend the next show without having to be on the waiting list.




All in all, I had a great time at the event. I'm very much so into chill settings and that's what the whole night consisted of. Live music, drinks, cool people and great vibes, how can you go wrong with that on a Saturday night?


What do you all think? Would you be interested in going to an event like that? My review does it no justice either. It was truly an awesome experience.


if you are interested, you can click here to access Sofar Sounds' site and find out if there are any shows in your city. It's definitely worth checking out. Well, that's all folks! Until next time, stay classy my friends.













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