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Meet Your Golden Bridge to Virgin Mobile

Director of People and Culture

Meet Your Golden Bridge to Virgin Mobile

Renowned for providing unique and exceptional customer experiences in diverse industries, Virgin is one of the most desirable brands in the world. As Richard Branson, founder of Virgin said, “You can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who’s new to the business.”


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Kay, a social support specialist at Virgin Mobile, takes Branson’s quote and the team’s purpose to heart every day. At Virgin Mobile USA, we created the Inner Circle, changing the way that our members experience mobile and (in the Virgin spirit) changing our business for good.


“My role is to be the golden bridge between Virgin Mobile and its customers,” says Kay. “But it starts with being a cohesive customer experience team. It’s not about what we wear or how we stack up against the people around us. It’s about bringing our best team effort to the table at all times, and making a positive impact that lasts.”


Delivering heartfelt service to customers is one of the core values of the Virgin brand. To that end, Kay puts herself in the shoes of a brand-new customer so that she can determine how best to give them a voice within the company. Kay believes that Virgin Mobile offers a unique space to deliver heartfelt service.


“I like how Virgin Mobile gives you the opportunity to be yourself,” says Kay. “The focus is on the passion, the great that work we do and (most importantly) the outcome.” Kay's day-to-day is never quite the same, because she evolves with the needs of the customers, which change minute by minute.


The Inner Circle launch has been one of her favorite projects since starting in March. “Everyone pulled their weight and worked really hard to make sure everything came together, and the outcome was amazing.”


One thing Kay enjoys about working at Virgin Mobile is the brand-new, open-floor-plan office that the team recently moved into. “I love sitting with my team and collaborating about the customer experience,” said Kay. “Every now and then, it’s really nice to find a comfortable nook to sit in and work quietly while I’m thinking of new ways to improve the customer journey.”


As for working in the heart of revitalized downtown Kansas City, Kay thinks the city is extremely supportive of both businesses and individuals. “The city really supports its locals — whether that be local food, local clothing, local music, local business owners…you name it!” said Kay. “Kansas City definitely does it right when it comes to supporting and promoting its community, and I love that.”


When asked to sum up the Virgin Mobile team in two words, she quickly said, “Good people!” Each day, she is thrilled by the creativity and innovation that comes from all of the teams around the office, which now houses more than 60 people.