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Meet your community resources!!!

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Meet your community resources!!!




What's up friends and fam!? I'd like to formally introduce you to a few great resources in our community! We have an awesome social media team here in Kansas City, MO and I thought to myself-- "I said self, its time that we have a proper introduction so everyone can see who they are reciving help from".  We have the best and the brightest here as well! Although the community is designed for you-by you, we have experts who are here to GUARANTEE you get the best answers and have the best experience while you 're here! 


Meet Mike, Allie, Andrew, and Steven!20180424_151118.gif










So do me a favor and head on over to their profiles and check them out! 







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Whiz Kid

Re: Meet your community resources!!!

Lg Volt 2 trying to download and internet failure every 10 seconds. MIP 67 plz help

Re: Meet your community resources!!!

Hi, Elo. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues. Let’s do some investigating. To research further, can you send us the cross streets and ZIP codes where this occurs? Are you getting this error message while trying to download or while using the internet as well? Are you experiencing issues with the voice and text messaging service?