Getting More Memory

Whiz Kid

Getting More Memory

I have a an LG G Stylo and I wish I had more space. Every time I want to download an app, I  have to eliminate one. Can I increase storage on this phone like buy more space for it or do I have to buy a new phone? Deleting apps from the apps tab does nothing does it?


Re: Getting More Memory

Hi there! The internal storage space can not be expanded. You would need to purchase a new phone with a higher capacity. In order to save space, it is recommended that you use a Micro SD card and save any data that you can in it (pictures, music, documents, etc..). Apps must be installed in the internal memory of the phone, although some will allow you to move their files to the SD card as well to save more space (this does not mean that they won't use internal storage space, but that they will use less).