New to phone voicemail problems

Whiz Kid

New to phone voicemail problems

  So I recently switched from a Galaxy S3 to an S7.  My old S3 had visual voicemail, I don't have it on the S7 for some reason. There is no app for it, I have searched everywhere. I can't download and install another visual voicemail app because they all require conditional call forwarding which isn't supported on my account.  So I am forced to call this ancient voicemail client and get my messages. 

  Which leads me to the next problem. There are no notification sounds or badges to tell me that I have a voicemail. Tapping on the icon it tells me that there are no messages. If I go and call my number, sure enough there will be missed voicemails.  I have gone over the settings numerous times and nothing seems to help. 

  I really miss my old visual voicemail. Is there any way I can get it back, or at least be notified that I have a voicemail?


Re: New to phone voicemail problems

Hi, calz. So sorry about the trouble! We're here to help! Did you make sure that the voicemail notification feature is turned on?