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Ads from unknown app pop up on UMX when no apps are open.


Re: Ads from unknown app pop up on UMX when no apps are open.

Some of you people commenting on this thread are very annoying. I keep getting notifications about comments that a lot of people are making on here lately. And it's the same thing over and over. You all are complaining how Virgin Mobile keeps offering useless help.

Then some of you are saying that you found the solution to the problem, and whatever. But I have already said on here several times what the cause of the problem is and what to do about it. Which is to basically stop using the phone because the problem is completely unsolvable.

If people would learn to read the five pages of the forum which are not very long.... Just read... . Then you will understand why you're having this problem and how serious it is.

For the last time, I am saying that the problem goes Way Beyond ads. I'm not going to go into details again, if you want to know then read my previous posts on the last few pages of this thread.

Re: Ads from unknown app pop up on UMX when no apps are open.

Thanks for your take on it - it rings true with my experience, as well and certainly more info ANYONE from Assurance or Virgin Mobile.  I am looking at other companies, as I am sick and tired of this company making a lot of money on a lot of  accounts for disabled and elderly that are being paid for by regular cellphone users (a fee on all regular accounts).  I was appalled when I mentioned once to Assurance that I was considering a paid phone account and they said I should just keep my Assurance service in addition to it since it is free. I dont play that way, as I despise waste. What a scam.

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Re: Ads from unknown app pop up on UMX when no apps are open.

I have a list of problems and their solutions for the ANS UL40 LTE available on my website here: on the Virgin Mobile and Assurance Wireless websites and in the owner’s manual it says to hold the Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key and to keep holding them until you’re in Recovery Menu. This isn’t going to work for two reasons on the UL40: 1) It has no home button! and 2) it will just keep rebooting every 5 seconds if you hold the power button down constantly. You have to hold the Volume-Up Button and the Power Button until the phone reboots and then let go of the power button while still holding the volume up button. Keep holding the volume up key until you’re into Recovery Mode. Problem: My new mobile phone from Assurance Wireless gets stuck on the loading screen! Solution: Perform a hard reboot (Volume Up + Power) then when it restarts and you’re on the white Assurance Wireless screen, stop holding power and only hold Volume Up. Keep pressing-and-holding the Increase Volume button and after a while you will be navigated to the Factory Reset Menu. You can wipe the cache partition only or perform a factory reset (which will also wipe the cache). To move around on the menu, use the volume keys (increase volume goes up, decrease volume goes down) and to select your entry simply use the power button (the on button). If this still doesn’t work, see further instructions in the solutions below. Problem: Phone is frozen on loading screen, stuck in boot-loop even after factory reset/wiping cache partition. Solution: After you have factory reset or wiped the cache partition you can also choose to install an update from the internal memory or sd-card. If you select this option it will perform a more rigorous factory reset then since you won’t have a package to install it will cancel. I’ve noticed my device getting out of the boot loop once I did this process and it was stuck on the boot screen even after I did a factory reset. Cheers