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Assurance Wireless UL50 by Virgin Mobile


Assurance Wireless UL50 by Virgin Mobile

It is pretty well known as to how I felt about the UL40 and all of the endless numbers of problems I had with the handset. Well, Assurance Wireless sent me the UL50 and I am here to give my opinion of the UL50. It the same as the UL40 but slightly larger. It has a few apps that I am pleased with but it needs to allow subscribers to delete FaceBook, Instagram, and other social media apps. It is cool and I don't have to use any app to cool it down. However, the effort to replace my UL40 with a UL50 have not solved some of the issues presented earlier, they continue with the UL50 and they are. Battery drainage continuing while charging the phone at the 15% or lower level. After charging for 24 hours, you cannot turn the phone on after it shuts off, until 3 hours after charging it fully. You can hold both the power button and the upper volume button, but it does not work. Now I am back to experiencing app error messages that are asking me to close since they have stopped, such as messaging, Gmail, Google, iheartradio, android.process., etc. Well, you get the idea. I am sick and tired of bothering neighbors to borrow their phones to talk to questionable "customer care" who do not have the actual experience of troubleshooting with the exception of reading "The Bible" off their screen. Asking to speak to tech support is constantly denied. I AM SICK OF IT. I received a call from Sprint's Corporate Office and they were not pleased that I sought legal representation regarding this issue. I was told to contact customer care asap because they are not trained on the UL50. Excuse me? That's their problem, not mine. Here's an email I sent to Assurance Wireless team aka Virgin Mobile this morning. Hello Diana C. Thank you for reaching out to me. I am now having the same problems with the UL50 phone that I had with the UL40 phone. I have not dropped the handset and it has not got into the water. When there is a decline in the charge and when it reaches 15-20% I put the phone on the charger. I am using the new charger that came with the phone. The charger is not the issue. It is the inferior battery that is either attached to the phone or in the case of UL50, it is the battery that one can put in the back of the phone that is causing some of the problems. When you put the phone on the charger, it continues to drain until it is absolutely empty and takes several hours or 24 hours to charge, the phone is shut down. After the battery is charged, it takes up to 3 hours for one to turn on the phone. If you can get the phone on it takes 5% off the battery. So instead of being at 100%, it is at 95% or less. One has to charge the phone several times a day. The corporate office is pissed because I filed several legal complaints because they claimed that I never contacted Assurance Wireless to solve the problems. That is a major lie. I have witnesses who will be glad to testify in court. I have that right and I will continue to file more complaints this weekend. On Thursday, January 10, several app errors came up asking me to close them. Today, I am now seeing the android. (whatever error message) show up. Multiple app errors asking me to close the apps for the following items. Messaging, phone, Gmail, maps, Google, iheart radio, play store, France 24, Grammarly, and AMN. All of these shows up at the same time. I am having surgery this coming Tuesday and I am already seeing that this phone is going to be a major issue. That is the reason why I sought legal action and I am going to make it a class action litigation. I am not going to purchase one of your phones, you have been paid several times from the government, and I will not pay for a refurbished phone at a price gouging fee and still have the problems that people have with the UL40/UL50 phone. My question is this: Since this is a Chinese manufactured phone, how much is the spy technology parts and another technology is integrated into the manufacture of each phone? I am not going to waste my time borrowing telephones to call 611 and talk to customer care and am only told to do a reset. That is a temporary fake solution. It takes you, people, 5 days to respond. You have 24 hours to either call me and not send me an email telling me to call 611. That is not a solution. I WANT RESULTS NOT CONTINOUS BULLcrap. (For the record I did not say bullcrap.)

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Thank you for giving the community your review of the UL50.  I am sorry for your problems; I 'feel' you man.  I wish that I could help in some way.