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Coolpad flip phone

Whiz Kid

Coolpad flip phone

Does anyone else have this phone, or am the last person on Earth who uses a flip phone?  Smiley Embarassed  Anyway, I'm wondering if I can download ringtones for use on my phone?


Re: Coolpad flip phone

Love flip phones. And I hate all the activity on the tiny monster they made me upgrade to. I can't stand holding it let alone touching it, and finally purchased one of these flexible "harness" neck mounts at Amazon. I look absolutely ridiculous wearing it and I wouldn't be caught dead in one outside but at least I'm not launching something, or buying something, or downloading something . . . Jesus I hate it. They had to drag my 62-year-old carcass into a SmartPhone kicking and screaming. My fondest vision is of me melting it down and using it as a coaster,


There I am at night with The Little Monster securely, firmly clasped to my harness, having a beer and playing a respectible game of Solitaire, when . . . my game disappears and I am on the internet suddenly watching Google try to sell me something!