Data Throttling


Data Throttling

My phone is basically unusable since you throttled back by data speeds this month. Can't even text properly. Not that you care. You got your money, right?

Re: Data Throttling

Hey there @Modhatter. Our average speed and latency ranges are based on a combination of independent third-party testing and Boost Mobile-generated results including actual customer performance results. Coverage isn't available everywhere, and speeds and latency may vary considerably from these averages based on factors both within and beyond Boost Mobile’s control such as network problems, software, signal strength, your wireless device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc. It is important that you consider the capabilities of your device, Boost Mobile’s network coverage, and Boost Mobile’s expected speed and latency estimates for Boost Mobile’s network technologies in determining whether Boost Mobile’s data services are right for you. You can visit our website at, for more details.