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How do I enable conditional forwarding?

Whiz Kid

How do I enable conditional forwarding?

I'm switching my voicemail to YouMail and had to do some steps to get it to work.

  1. Call Virgin customer service and have them remove voicemail from my account.
  2. At the end of my call with customer service the agent told me to dial *72 and the full number including area code of my mobile phone. That is supposed to enable conditional call forwarding but dialing that number results in a message stating the command is invalid.

The next stepwould be to dial *283478966996 from my phone. Since I can't get past step 2 I can't complete this step.


It seems to me the support agent gave me incorrect information on how to enable conditional call forwarding. If any of you know how I can accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated.





Re: How do I enable conditional forwarding?

Hi Jonny


We offer Unconditional or Standard Call Forwarding services. Conditional Call Forwarding is not available. Here are the steps to activate and cancel the Unconditional Call Forwarding functionality.


Activate Call Forwarding

1 Enter *72 + the 10 digit forward-to number, including area code, on the phone dial pad.
2 Press TALK or the Phone icon on the phone.
3 You'll hear three rapid beeps when forwarding has been set up.


Cancel Call Forwarding

1 Enter *720 on the phone dial pad and press TALK or the Phone icon.
2 You'll hear three rapid beeps when forwarding has been cancelled.


NOTE:  If the you enter a non-working phone number, the following error message will be played:  "The number or code you dialed is incorrect. Please check the number and try again. Message 7".  To resolve, cancel forwarding and re-enable forwarding to a working phone number.


We hope this information helps.


Edwin R.

Whiz Kid

Re: How do I enable conditional forwarding?

I have used YouMail for many years and just switched to Virgin.  After 40 minutes with customer service, I am told their network does not support conditional call forwarding.  


For now I am using their VM service.  They notated on my account the request and said they would be "working on it" to get this done and eventually should support this network feature.