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I'm not getting voicemail notifications

Whiz Kid

I'm not getting voicemail notifications

Hi all,

My first time here. On a Motorola E4.

I am not getting voicemail notifications. Never have on this phone, I've had it for about a year.


I called customer service this morning and they checked all my settings. They were set correctly.


She had me turn off my phone and said they would reset my voicemail then call me back in 20 minutes.


So I powered off my phone and restarted it in 5 minutes as I was directed to.

When I powered it back on I noticed there was a notice that my service was being updated but nothing about voicemail.

She never called me back, so I called my cell on the landline and left a message. I got the message on my cell but still no notification on the phone for it.


I've missed a very important message recently due to not having notifications.

Please help.

Thank you, 




Re: I'm not getting voicemail notifications

Hey there @Bertb32003 We apologize for the inconvenience. Would you please be so kind to send us a Private Message with your Phone Number and PIN, so we can further assist you?


Note: For you to send a me a Private Message only need to click on my username, which will  take to my profile, once you're there on the right side of the screen you will see the  option to send me a Message.



Whiz Kid

Re: I'm not getting voicemail notifications


So the voicemail reset did not fix the problem, still no voicemail notifications.

I was told to do a factory reset on the phone but I'm not prepared to do that at this time due to the hours of reconfiguring it will take on my phone after doing so.