It's called: "Shopping"


It's called: "Shopping"

Years ago I had no problem shopping for and purchasing my flip phone from the VIRGIN site (don't confuse noobs who think they can purchase a phone on Assurance Wireless's site when you know they can't tsk) but once the transition to SmartPhones happened earlier this year you can forget about shopping for anything. Assurance ships one phone and they won't even tell you which one!


Good grief. Why the drama? Can't Virgin attach a name to the SmartPhones approved for Assurance Wireless so consumers can SHOP for one they prefer? It worked fine for PayLo. I purchased 2 from Virgin's site -- flip phones (now used as flashlights, but I digress) -- why not brand the models like that? SmartLo? SoLo? AWsomeLo? Is it going to be like this forever, issuing one SmartPhone with no other option?


Re: It's called: "Shopping"

Hey there, @toot-sweet! Are you trying to shop a smart phone from Assurance Wireless? If so, have you tried to use their website? You can use this link Shop.