LG home touch buttons

Whiz Kid

LG home touch buttons

My LG Tribute Dynasty phone had it's "home touch buttons" in the black/case area below the display (they are icons left, circle square). They went away and I would like them back!

What happened was somehow I saw a tiny square to their left, and (I'm not too smart I guess) I touched it and that made these (nice lit up icons below the display) go away! (I guess make them hidden.)

If any one know what I am talking about, do you know how to unhide them, to get them back?


Thank You



Re: LG home touch buttons

Hi JohnG! Thanks for contacting us. We want to help. Please, try the following: 


Go to Settings> Display> Home touch buttons. 


There, you'll find some options, let us know if you find anything helpful there. ~AmyM25