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LG stylo 2 unlock

Whiz Kid

LG stylo 2 unlock


I just bought a second hand 1 year old Stylo 2 from a friend. The thing is I need to unlock it since my SIM card is from Google project fi. How can I do this? 

Thank you!


Re: LG stylo 2 unlock

first thing the phone must not be reported lost or stolen and be activate on a account for 12 month for they will unlock the phone  and second thing all the andriod phone they sell even unlocked wont work on another service 


Whiz Kid

Re: LG stylo 2 unlock

So I have to sing a contract  with you guys to unlock the phone.



Re: LG stylo 2 unlock

Hi, Xiuhcoatl.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Let’s take a closer look. Virgin Mobile will assist with unlocking a device under the following circumstances:

•The person requesting the device unlock is an authenticated current or former Virgin Mobile customer or an individual owner who can provide the account number or account name last associated with the device.

•The device has not been reported as lost or stolen or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.

•The device has been active on the associated account for at least 12 months with the account active at that time.


For more details about Unlocking Policy, please, visit: