LG tribute 2 wont charge


LG tribute 2 wont charge

I've had my phone for about 4 month now and went to plug it in as the battery was low and it lit up connected that it was charging and now it is dead and wont turn on. When it is plugged in it say 0 percent charged and has a flashing bar with the words needs more power to turn on under it. It was plugged in all night and said the same thing in the morning. Tried opening it, removing the battery and blowing out any possible dust or debri still a dead phone. Please help


Re: LG tribute 2 wont charge

Hi Mmissyk25.


Going by your description, the cause of the problem is definitely the battery.

It looks like it has finally given its last bit. You may need to take the phone in to a store and try replacing the battery, that should resolve the problem.


If that doesn't work, please let us know.


Re: LG tribute 2 wont charge

Sounds like your connector on your phone Smiley Sad    (The charging port)

That happened to me with older models, or if I charged it in the car a lot. If a thick charger will not work, it may cost some $$ to even try and get that fixed. Are you under a contract?? If not, I would suggest a Stylo 2 or Stylo+


Re: LG tribute 2 wont charge

Mine is doing kinda the same thing but im pretty sure its thw charging port. Dont have the money to get a new phone or buy a new battery. Im supporting my family on a part time salery and my husband just had surgery.