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Need to unlock several android smartphones

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Need to unlock several android smartphones

I have 4 Android phones that I need to unlock; family is doing some traveling and need to swap in different sim cards.

I have 2 Samsung Galaxy J7 refine phones, 1 Samsung Galaxy J7 (the 2016 model, a J700P, I believe) and an Alcatel (dont remember the exact model, but I can find out in the morning).

I bought all these phones outright, there were never any payments on any of them. The Alcatel was active for about a year before upgrading, but might be shy by a few weeks. One of the J7 refines is my current phone, which I upgraded to less than a year ago, the other was activated, but never hooked into my account; I got both J7 refine phones at the same time, keeping the second as a backup. I haven't seen an answer on here that matches this situation. The response I usually see is that the account needs to be active (which it is) the phone needs to be paid off (also true of all my phones) and most of the responses I've seen also say that the phone has to be active for some amount of time, but the amount varies, and I can't find anything definitive to back up that requirement. All of the phones give me an error when I select the UICC carrier unlock option in the settings menu. Can you help me unlock these phones?


Re: Need to unlock several android smartphones

Hi qx9r7man! Thanks for contacting us. Let’s take a closer look. In order to have a device unlocked, there are some requirements that need to be met:


-The device has 12 uninterrupted/consecutive months active with our service, and you can provide the phone number, account name and PIN for the account last associated with the device.
-A payment has been made within the last 90 days of the 12 months period. 
-The device has not been reported lost or stolen.