Samsung J7 MMS Setup

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Samsung J7 MMS Setup

My wife just purchased a new Samsung J7 and is unable to get MMS messages through the messaging app.  They will appear in the text dialog with a little button that says download. Initially when trying to download the message you are given an error that states 'failed to retrieve message'.  I was able to get passed this by turning off 'Auto Retrieve ' for MMS messages.  


Now when a MMS message comes through we still have to download the message.  When we click download with auto-retrieve turned off, it appears as if the message downloads but nothing actually happens (you aren not able to see the message)


It appears from a little bit of Google and this page  that you have to set up MMS settings manually, but I have been unable to find steps on how to do this.


Anyone with MMS working on a Samsung J7 able to help me out?


Re: Samsung J7 MMS Setup

Hey there, @Northstar24! Thanks for contacting us. Just to confirm, are you trying to download the message with the mobile data ON and the Wi-Fi OFF?  Please make sure to do it on this way and it may fix your issue. If it doesn't, please let us know your nearest cross street address and zip code where this occurs.