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Swapping to an Unlocked Moto G7 PLay

Whiz Kid

Swapping to an Unlocked Moto G7 PLay

My HTC Desire 626s was damaged and I needed a working phone ASAP (coudn't wait the 2-3 days for shipping from VM) so I just got a new unlocked Moto G7 Play from Best Buy.
I put my SIM card in, but it says it's locked and won't unlock after multiple power cycles. I tried to activated the G7 on my account, but it didn't recogize the IMEI/MEID number. I only bought the Moto G7 Play because it's listed on VM's website, so why doesn't it recognize the IMEI/MEID number?
I can't call or text any of the suggested customer care numbers, so can an agent here please help me? I need to get this phone activated ASAP becuase my job depends on it. Please message me directly if possible.


Re: Swapping to an Unlocked Moto G7 PLay

Hello, Vix8709. Thank you for stopping by. Unfortunately, our bring your own program is only available for IOS phones. For more information, please access the following link: . We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. -Kira_M.