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Switching Phones from Virgin to Boost

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Switching Phones from Virgin to Boost


I'm planning on getting my mom an LG Tribute Royal using Boost Mobile services. Currently, she has a Samsung Galaxy J3 with Virgin Mobile. I was wondering if it's possible to be able to switch phones while 1. keeping the same phone number and 2. have things like her photos and contacts transfer?


Thanks in advance! 


Re: Switching Phones from Virgin to Boost

Hi Maritaaaxo. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're glad to help. Yes, you can transfer the number to Boost. This would be called a migration. You just need to let Boost Mobile know what you want to do (you may reach them through community too) and they will help you. Regarding the data transfer, there are some ways to do it through built in phone apps, or backing up data on her Gmail account, and logging in the new phone with the same Gmail account she had on the previous phone. ~AmyM25