Text Messages Arrive Late

Whiz Kid

Text Messages Arrive Late

I've noticed this several times on my Galaxy J3: I will get text messages from several different people all at the same time, which leads me to think that there is a delay in the network. I thought that my phone might be the issue, so I recently switched to the Galaxy A10e, and I just noticed the same thing happening on this new phone.

This morning I recieved 6 text messages from two different people all at 7:01 AM, so I think there is a problem with the nextwork as my phone is just a week old.


Anyone else run into this issue, or have a fix?


Re: Text Messages Arrive Late

Hello, @tcassilly. Thank you for stopping by. On your phone, please do the following: Select Settings > System Update > Update Profile. Any change, please let us know. -Kira_M.