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UMX android will not start.

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Re: UMX android will not start. (ANS Phone Boot Loop Froze Stuck UL40)

Mrs Payne,


I'm writing a full report on step-by-step instructions, and I will send that to you later too, but for now I wanted to get this info to you as soon as possible. I also have an ANS UL40 (piece of crap) phone and the instructions are wrong online. Literally no where is there the correct instructions so I figured it out myself. (OCD! It finally does SOMETHING!!) What you have to do first is get your phone off. I read that you couldn't get it to turn off. One solution is to leave it on until the battery dies (unplugged obviously) and then go from there, but you don't have to do that.


To get it to restart, or any phone with a non-removable battery, hold the power button and volume up for 10 seconds (or until it restarts). This works anytime the phone is on, whether fully booted or otherwise. When it starts booting again (white screen with ANS eagle on it) stop holding the power button and instead just hold the up volume button. Keep holding (you may even want to stop pressing both the power and volume up simultaneously and then press + hold the volume up button alone while still on the white screen).


TLDR: SO hold the volume up button without the power (after it turns on) until you see the recovery menu.


Either way you will then be flung into the reset menu. Once there you can select items with the power button and move the menu around with volume up/down. I suggest doing a Factory Reset and then also telling it to install an update (select either the internal storage or the SD card.) You won't have an update package to install so back out of that menu and it will start trying to update. It will do a factory reset that you can't do from the menu and then stop abbrubtly because it doesn't have an install package to install. Here's the point where you wanna goto Restart the Phone. It will take forever to boot, even if it goes to the blue screen again, let it sit. Eventually it will get inside and you'll have your phone back. Let me know if it works for you. I'm writing a full report online because literally no one has the correct instructions.


I'll reply back when I have the report typed up with full instructions, step by step, but this should help anyone for now.