my LG stylo 3 says, "unfortunately system updates have stopped!"


my LG stylo 3 says, "unfortunately system updates have stopped!"

I've only had this phone 3.5 months and it states, "unfortunately system updates have stopped!" I cannot receive SMS messages (e.g., receive codes to reset password for other programs). I think this is a rip off, and especially since I don't allow anyone to use my phone and I'm very careful with it. This is very disappointing. When I dial 611 the automated voice guy says, "Welcome to Boost Mobile!" This is crap.


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Re: my LG stylo 3 says, "unfortunately system updates have stopped!"

good evening yotjones4sure , I would be feeling the same exact way if things were going in that direction. So in this community board, we are able to provide some help.  You mention that when you dial 611  you get a Boost automated system, that is crazy weird because boost is not even Virgin.  Now I know this sounds crazy, but you may have  Boost Phone , I higly reccommend sorting this out before you continue. ( i also did a little bit of reserach and I am not seeing LG Stylo as part of Virgin's lineup)


However, that being said, once you get that fitured  out , ,you will want an update , I get it, Android is much better when it is updated, Having a phone that is uanble to take updtes is truly annoying as well.  You actually have a few options on how to get your devie updated, one way (the easiest) is to go directly to LGs website and check for hardware updates, and typicall this will consist of a software/firmware update .   |

Here is the link to LG's website for support .

But, first call Virgin and make sure it is on Virgin and not Boost Smiley Happy  888-322-1122  

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