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Virgin deleting complaints

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Virgin deleting complaints

I have posted this four times now and the mods keep deleting it.

“I bought a new iPhone XR on dec. 5th via the website. I received the phone on the 10th. On the 12th I filled out the online return form to return the unopened phone. After trying twice and getting no response I called into the service department and got someone in the Phillipines that did not understand my issue. Finally he got some one that did understand and they took my info and said they were transfering me to the department I needed to get the return confirmation from. After 25 minutes on hold the hung up on me. I called back the next morning and they said I needed the number from the orginal order again and said they would call me back in two hours. They never called back so I called them again this morning. After talking to four people overseas I was told it was now too late to return the phone. I told them I started the process well within the time limit but they kept ignoring me and reading from a script. They refused to transfer me to the states or to someone that could help. Any advice? What should I do?”

Re: Virgin deleting complaints

That’s not what we like to hear. We truly apologize for the inconvenience, yankeemarshal. Just shoot us a private message with the details, and we’ll take a closer look for you.