Can I bring my own device to Virgin Mobile?

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Yes. Currently, Virgin Mobile only supports bring your own device for iPhones.


Here’s what you need to do to bring your own device to Virgin Mobile:


Note: Only your current service provider can unlock the phone. Virgin Mobile can’t unlock another provider’s phones.


You will still be able to use your phone after it is unlocked – but it will be ready to move to Virgin Mobile when the time is right.


Check to see if you are eligible to bring our own device. Use our free tool to check your eligibility. If you don’t meet the eligibility – here are some common reasons why.


Protip: You’re going to need to enter your IMEI number. Here’s how to find your IMEI number.


Do you have a compatible, unlocked, and eligible phone? Great! Next you need to order a Virgin Mobile SIM Card from our website. We’ll send it right to your house – and will give you a tracking number so you know when it arrives.


If you are wondering what a SIM card is, here’s some more information for you.


Once it gets there you are going to need to replace the SIM card with your shiny, new Virgin Mobile SIM Card. It’s pretty simple, but here are some steps for you to follow.


Now, follow the instructions you received with your SIM kit so we can help you activate your device.

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