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What is Premium Caller ID?

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Premium Caller ID displays the name and number of the incoming calls not already listed in your phone's contact/address book.


Is there a cost for Premium Caller ID?

Yes, the Premium Caller ID service is an additional $3.00/month.


How do I get Premium Caller ID?

You can add Premium Caller ID to your monthly plan by accessing My Account.


If I subscribe to Premium Caller ID and receive a call from someone already in my Contacts/ Address Book, what happens?

If you subscribe to Premium Caller ID and receive an incoming call from someone already in your contacts/address book, the name will appear as it is in your contacts/address book.


Can I block my number from Caller ID name display?

Yes. To stay on the down-low and block your number from displaying on the phone of the person you are calling, dial *67 + Phone Number (as you would normally dial it). Your name/number will not be displayed on that single call, regardless of whether the person you are calling has traditional Caller ID or subscribes to Premium Caller ID.


What if I purchase Premium Caller ID and no name displays?

If you purchased Premium Caller ID name display but see an incoming caller's name as "Private", "Restricted", or "Unknown", then the caller's name is not registered or has set their name as "Private" in the CNAM database.

If the incoming caller's name appears as "Blocked", the incoming caller has dialed *67 before dialing your number to intentionally block the name/number from being displayed. It could also mean the user has permanently had name/number blocking set in their profile.

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