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What is a Certified Pre-Loved phone?

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 A Certified Pre-Loved phone is tested, inspected and, if necessary, remanufactured according to the original manufacturer specifications. It is restored to factory default settings and loaded with the latest system software. Your Certified Pre-Loved iPhone will come with a brand-new extended-life battery, Apple EarPods and a charger. A Certified Pre-Loved phone is not eligible for Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance.


Will my Certified Pre-Loved phone look used?

No. Every Certified Pre-Loved phone goes through a 30-point quality checklist and is inspected for cosmetic defects so it will look just like new.




Do Certified Pre-Loved phones come with a guarantee?

Yes. Each phone is backed by our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, so it's worry-free.  This satisfaction guarantee is not a warranty.  For more information on the warranty, see below.


Do I have to sign up for a special plan?

No. Certified Pre-Loved phones can be used with the same plans as new Virgin Mobile phones.


Is there any additional fee to activate a Pre-Loved or Certified Pre-Loved phone?

No, there is no additional fee to activate.


Do Certified Pre-Loved phones come with a warranty?

Certified Pre-Loved phones come with a One-Year Apple Limited Warranty.

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