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What is a Pre-Loved phone?

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A Pre-Loved phone from Virgin Mobile is a gently used, non-certified device that has undergone functional testing and inspection to ensure it is in good working order. Pre-Loved iPhones are tested for functionality and gently cleansed but may have visible usage wear and tear.  Your Pre-Loved iPhone comes with a 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty and an original manufacturer-quality charger. A Pre-Loved iPhone is not eligible for Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance.


Why should I consider purchasing a Virgin Mobile Pre-Loved phone?

Virgin Mobile Pre-Loved phones can enable you to get a high-quality device for a lower price than buying new. Pre-Loved phones are a great option for our customers who want a powerful smartphone but may not be in the position to buy a new one.


What kind of condition will the phone be in?

Virgin Mobile Pre-Loved phones are tested for functionality and gently cleansed. A full factory data reset is performed. Some of the tests and inspections include ensuring the liquid indicator is not tripped, confirming the battery is able to receive a charge, and checking the screen, camera, earpiece (headphone jack) and button functionality to ensure working order.

Virgin Mobile Pre-Loved phones may have visible wear and tear including small scratches, cracks and chips/dents on back cover and housing, minor chip or scratches on the front glass (no cracks), and small dents and/or scuffs. Many of these imperfections, if they do exist on the device, can be concealed by a phone case.


What is covered by Virgin Mobile’s Pre-Loved 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty and when does coverage begin?

Virgin Mobile’s Pre-Loved 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty provides replacement coverage for eligible Pre-Loved phones due to mechanical or electrical failure with valid warranty claim and phone return via claim shipping process. The replacement Pre-Loved phone may be a different brand, model, and/or color, or contain non-original manufacturer parts. The 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty is not an insurance policy and does NOT cover lost or stolen devices, normal wear and tear, or damage from accident or abuse. The 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty coverage begins on your date of activation. The full 90 Day Limited Replacement Warranty is available below.


How do I submit a claim under the 90-Day Limited Replacement Warranty?

Call 1-844-834-5579 to submit a claim. You’ll be given instructions on how you can return your Pre-Loved phone to receive a replacement Pre-Loved phone via the shipping process with valid claim. The phone and all applicable documentation and/or information will be inspected and validated. On approval of your claim, Virgin Mobile or its authorized representative will ship a replacement Pre-Loved phone in accordance with the limited warranty.






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