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New iPhone 8 plus not activating

Whiz Kid

New iPhone 8 plus not activating

I received my new phone yesterday, upgrading from an iPhone 5s, and attempted to activate it. I've tried upwards of 15 times to activate it and after being prompted to enter my account pin number the page goes to a new screen and will not stop loading. The phone has not activated, and I've now lost service on both of my phones so neither the old or the new phone has service.


Re: New iPhone 8 plus not activating

Hi there cvalent9. Thank you for contacting us. Please try the following steps on the new phone then test it:


1.Tap Phone
2.Tap keypad
3.Enter ##873283# then tap Call.
4.When Starting Service Update screen appears, tap OK.
5.When Service Update Complete appears, tap OK.
6.The Radio will reset. The iPhone update has completed