Virgin Mobile

Where is my iPhone 6s?

Whiz Kid

Where is my iPhone 6s?

On November 26, 2018 I purchased an IPhone 6s online as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I received a confirmation order number and I still haven’t received the phone. I’ve called customer service 3 times they keep telling me that it’s out of stock and in back order. When I bought the phone online it said it was on stock. My wife and I have been loyal customers since 2012. Virgin Mobile it’s your turn to honor my loyalty and we need this done before Christmas. Thanks!

Re: Where is my iPhone 6s?

Hi ecamacho! Thanks for contacting us. We'll be happy to verify this for you. What's your order #? Please, send it to us in a private message. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".  Thanks! ~AmyM25