Virgin Mobile

$35 plan used up by updates

Whiz Kid

$35 plan used up by updates

So I have a moto e4 I purchased from a Walmart and it was on Android version that dated to 2017. Since then there have been non stop updates and now my data is depleted without having so much as watched a single YouTube video. The problem is it's still on 7.1 and trying to update. Currently the latest security patch dates back to March 2018 but I can't download due to lack of data and the phone is almost at the point of being inoperable. Why does Virgin not exclude these updates from my data. That's is like me buying a new car that comes with no fuel, coolant, oli, trans fluid, etc. It's like here's the car, but by the way you can't drive it without these fluids which are sold separately.

Re: $35 plan used up by updates

Hello there, @Mcruz312! Thank you for reaching out . Although we understand your concerns, but unfortunately you will need data to complete the updates. We'd suggest you to do it over Wi-Fi if possible. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.