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Account Number Needed

Whiz Kid

Account Number Needed

So I am currently in need of my account number. I've seen this question asked many times in the forums. They are usually listed as "solved" because an agent answered and said you need to PM them directly so that they can send you your own account number.

The problem is, none of those agents who previously "solved" the question are currently online for me to PM now. This ensures that this question will keep getting asked in the forums. 

One alternative solution would be to have the number listed (or otherwise available) by default when the user is logged into their Virgin Mobile profile. This seems so freakin' obvious that I presume there is some strategic business reason for what it is not done this way. 


Re: Account Number Needed

Hey there @Jamazu We apologize for the delay in answering. We can see one of our agents already assisted you trough private message. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.