Virgin Mobile

'Account you entered is not valid'

Whiz Kid

'Account you entered is not valid'

I used to have assurance wireless plan, but then I dropped off that and just pay as I go.

I want to 'top up' my phone, and I realize it was due a couple days ago.

I was still able to use my phone properly then too.


But now, I cannot even log onto my account, on any browser.

All I get is 'account you entered is not valid'.

I don't have a top up pin with me right now,

but I need to be sure I can even add it before I bother.
Please help!




Re: 'Account you entered is not valid'

Hi, cardtop20. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to handle Assurance Wireless accounts. Please contact customer service at 888-321-5880.