Cannot activate my new phone on website

Whiz Kid

Cannot activate my new phone on website

My old phone is dead. Won't turn on. I cannot use my old phone.

I order a new phone which arrived today. On the website I log in, enter the MEID, verify another number, elect to keep my old number, and spend the next 4-5 minutes looking at a red spinner.

Back out and try again. This time I get to a NEXT button that won't do anything. Multiple tries meet one of the same results. I closed and reopened my browser, checked cookie settings, checked antivirus settings, restarted the computer. Still get either a red spinner or a NEXT button that does nothing.


Can someone please help me activate my new phone when I don't have access to my old phone and the website leads me to a red spinner. BTW, in the time it took me to regester for this site, verify email, log in and post this the red spinner is still spinning. Completly frustrated.


Re: Cannot activate my new phone on website

So sorry for this hassle Winnsford; I'd love to help you with this ASAP. Please send us a Private Message by clicking on my user name and at the right side of the pane you will see the option to send a private message. Include your phone and pin, IMEI and SIM card number of the new phone.