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In light of Hurricane Harvey, Data Done Right and Custom mobile phone service will continue through 9/8/17. However, in order to keep your device and number, you will still need to migrate before 8/31/17 10PM CST - Call us at 1.844.680.3922



All Data Done Right customers must switch to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan before 8/31/17 10pm CST to keep your phone number and avoid losing service. Call us at 1.844.680.3922


Can I keep my current phone and phone number? 

Yes, if you migrate to a Data Love plan by 8/31/17. We will establish a new account for you, port your current phone number and set up your existing phone.


-After 8/31/17, you will need to set up a brand new account, with a new number, on a new phone, in order to continue service with Virgin Mobile.

-From 9/1/17 - 9/30/17 we are offering a LG Tribute HD for $1. To learn about this offer, call us at 1.888.322.1122. You will need to identify yourself as a Data Done Right/Custom customer and also provide the email adress on your account.




Does moving from Data Done Right to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan change my billing cycle?

Yes, your new billing cycle will begin the day you start your new Data Love plan.


What about my account balance?

Any funds left on the account can be transferred if you call 1.844.680.3922 by 8/31/17, to apply a credit to your new Virgin Mobile plan. After 8/31/17 funds will be forfeited, per the Terms and Conditions.


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