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Did You Know: How to Make a Payment


Did You Know: How to Make a Payment

Did you know you can make your Virgin Mobile payments online or on the Virgin app for free? Before you start, you will need access to a debit/credit or Top-up card.


There are easy ways to pay:

  • Auto Top-up - The easiest way to keep your service working without interruption! 
    • Enroll using your “My Account” mobile application on your phone, accessing or dialing *PAY or #ADD and follow the voice prompts.
  • Topping-up – Make a one-time payment
    • Visit and select “Top-up now”.
    • Use “My Account” application from your phone or tablet
    • Text ADD or PAY to 7225
    • Dial *PAY or #ADD and follow voice prompts.
  • Gifting - add money to a friend or family member’s account.
    • All you need is their mobile phone number and your credit/debit card.  


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