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Harsh Treatment - Account Balance Kept by VM After Porting

Whiz Kid

Harsh Treatment - Account Balance Kept by VM After Porting

Had a VM pay as you go auto top up account since 2003 - had an acct balance of about $120.   Was using a VM simple dumb mobile phone (yes, 2003 vintage that still worked other than doing battery replaces, LOL).    Unfortunately, I guess due to VM network updates the old phone started  locking up on a daily basis showing a network failure code --- so it had become unreliable.    No great surprise - tech marches on.


Decided it would be better to port my VM number to another carrier to get good local 4G coverage and a new smartphone.   All went well with the porting until I requested a refund of my $120 account balance.    Was informed by VM (see below) that they keep the entire balance as a termination fee.    Was a bit surprised on this terms of service policy since it wasn't in place when this account was opened in 2003 (yes, still have that paperwork).   Essentially VM gets a account sweeps reward regardless of the size of the acct balance.   Certainly doesn't seem fair - since the termination fee is variable. 


Just a warning to others to use up the acct balance before porting to a new carrier.    Does this policy seem fair since the $$$ they keep is opened ended.


Email response from VM Care requesting my acct balance:



Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern, I am happy to

Upon reviewing your Virgin Mobile account, I confirmed that your account
was cancel on 6/03/2018 due to Porting Out your phone number.

When your number was Ported out, the Virgin Mobile account was
automatically deactivated. As stated in our Terms of Service, upon
deactivation of the account you will be assessed a termination fee,
which is equal to the remaining balance in your account. This balance is
not refundable even if you reactivate your service. In addition, the
system will not charge you for the service since you will no longer be a
Virgin Mobile customer.