Im having issues buying more hotspot

Whiz Kid

Im having issues buying more hotspot

So I log into My Account and when I go to services and usage to check how much of the hotspot I have used nothing is there anymore. Theres no usage report or theres no options to buy any hotspot or data packs. What happened? It was working just fine last night

Re: Im having issues buying more hotspot

It probably has something to do with Virgin Mobile discontinuing their services within the next month and transferring customers to Boost Mobile. Another user posted this link with the information VM posted on the Support page after no one from VM would answer in the thread:

Try checking your email or text messages to see if you have any messages from them. My mother was emailed and received a text message, although I have yet to get either. I thought it was a hoax and came on here to check but no one has been answering. They are confirming it in responses to Community posts on their Facebook page though. Plus a user here found the information posted on the main website at the link above.