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Is customer service at Virgin really dropping this low?


Is customer service at Virgin really dropping this low?

I've been a customer with them for a long time, and the website seems to be getting more and more impersonal as time goes on. Am I the only one who feels this way?


I need to get a new phone. It's a sign of how long I've been with Virgin that my current phone is no longer supported or sold. So I went to the page where they sell phones to look at and compare things to see which phone would be best for me. god.


You can no longer compare phones there. In the info for the phones, it doesn't tell you how much memory the phone comes with; one of the most important details for any phone. But there's a tab that gives you the basic 'salesman's pitch' for the phone, you betcha!


I wanted to then communicate how I felt this was a bad idea to take away the ability to look at phones side by side and compare them to get the best one, and to omit important information in the description of the phone... and there's no customer service anymore. Now it's 'the community', aka 'other people who use our phones'.


EVERY TIME I've encountered this, I get one message. Maybe two. One, 'We don't really want to talk to you or hear about your problems; go talk to each other about it.' and Two, 'We don't have enough money to support a full time customer service department, so we got rid of it.' Neither of these are good things. It's a 'big business' habit that totally destroys the connection between the people who are giving you money in exchange for your service, and *actual people* who work there.


It's very disturbing for me to feel like I'm either dealing with some artificial intelligence that just happens to be smart enough to run a business completely online, or worse, people who are too busy being rich to take the time to speak to the people who're making them that way, and can't even make the effort to have someone you can speak to directly within easy reach.


To keep this short, I'm just going to say this again. I would very much like them to restore the ability on the shopping page to compare phones, with all their various details, in order to get the best option. There shouldn't be anything left out of the details, and said details should be current. If a phone is about to be dropped, this should be indicated (my current phone is the second one that I've bought, then VM has discontinued within a year). And customer reviews should be reinstated as well. All of this lets people make informed decisions on what they're putting their money towards, instead of feeling like smoke and mirrors are being employed to try to trick you into buying some piece of crap. You should not need to behave like a used car salesman to get people to buy your phones.