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Need help with returning a phone

Whiz Kid

Need help with returning a phone

As the subject line would suggest, I need help/instruction on what I need to return an order and having my money credited back to me.


I've looked on the main Virgin Mobile site, but the number provided for how to receive instructions for making a return is useless, since the automated system doesn't mention an option for making a return at all.


Is it as simple as returning the unopened package back to sender? Would/do I need a return lable if that is the case?


I'd appreciate it if a Virgin Mobile rep or some knowledgable (preferably the former) could help me with return instructions.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Need help with returning a phone

Hello, KuroYuuki! You've come to the right place! We'll be happy to assist you with that. Please send us a private message so we can further assist.