Virgin Mobile

No help whatsoever.

Whiz Kid

No help whatsoever.

Please explain to me why I can’t just get my money back. I paid $40 just for two days of service. You guys wouldn’t send me a replacement, wouldn’t cover anything, and now are telling me to buy a new sim. You just keep ripping me off and I’m so over it. Basically just stole $40 from me for no reason. Now you guys won’t even send a SIM card unless I pay for it and by the time it gets here I won’t even have any activation days left. I’m not trying to be with this carrier anymore so no point in buying a sim and then when it gets here I spend another $40. Pointless. Just please return my money so I can be on my way and switch carriers cause I am beyond frustrated with you guys.
Heavy Hitter

Re: No help whatsoever.

Sounds like business as usual with VMobil.