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Phone Service Suspended

Whiz Kid

Phone Service Suspended

I bought a LG X charge from Virgin mobile and it had hardware issues, so I was told my warranty covered it and that virgin mobile would send me a new phone in two to five days. About three months later I reicievd the phone that I was told would take two to five days to arrive. I forgot I had to send my old broken phone back and went on with my life. Over the next two months I had the phone and it worked very well, but I got a text message from Virgin mobile and ignored it thinking it was telling me money was added to my account, when really it said if I did not send my broken phone back in 5 days my service would be suspended. Five days later I got another text that said I had one day to have the phone to them. I immediatly set the broken phone in with a prioty envelope. When will my service be restored?


Re: Phone Service Suspended

Hi there! Thank you for contacting us. How about we take a closer look at this? Mind sending me a PM with your phone number so we can chat further?