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Problem with order - 2 weeks!

Whiz Kid

Problem with order - 2 weeks!

I ordered a new iPhone almost 3 weeks ago, they shipped me the wrong phone, and they're holding my corrected order until they can pull the recording of my phone call - like they have to prove it wasn't their mistake or something. It's been almost 2 weeks! Every time I call they just give me the same scripted answer, can't transfer me to the "back office" where this "investigation" is taking place (feels more like being ignored). They keep telling me to call again later or that the "back office" will call me in 24 hrs, but they never do. What the heck? I've never heard of this before. Usually, you get the wrong thing and it's a simple fix. Why is it taking so long?!?


It was irritating that I had to place the order by phone to begin with - my billing address is a P.O. Box, but the website won't process orders to PO Boxes because UPS doesn't ship there, but it won't let me choose a different shipping address. Where I live, we don't have postal service - only PO Boxes - so the only billing address I've got I can't use on Virgin Mobile's site. And now, because I had to order by phone, there was a mistake or misunderstanding or something and its taking ridiculously long to resolve. I thought Virgin was supposed to have good customer service, but that's not what I'm getting and I can't find anyone who will do more than tell me to wait. I've been with Virgin Mobile almost 13 years and have never had this much trouble, but it's frustrating enough that I'm looking to move carriers. 


Re: Problem with order - 2 weeks!

Hey there, really sorry to hear about your experience. Be aware you only can use regular addresses to place an order, no PO Boxes, and the billing address needs to be the same as the shipping address. 

Did you get a case ID about the issue you are having? Please send us a private message so we can look into it. Thanks.