Virgin Mobile

Return Order from February 27 has not been processed.

Whiz Kid

Return Order from February 27 has not been processed.

I bought a Virgin Moto G6 back in December 2018, loved it but the headphone jack quit detecting any kind of headphones.  I had dropped it and cracked it, so I didn't try to return it.  In February I bough another Virgin Moto G6 at a cheaper price, but within a couple of days it had the same headphone jack issue.  I had ordered it on a Saturday, so I filled out the online return form the following Friday.  I ended up filling it out again the next Monday because that did not appear to register, though someone in customer service seemed very helpful in getting that done. My original order number was [***personal info removed***]

I love those Moto G6 phone, but I simply must have conventional headphones to act as antenae since I listen to the radio.  I purchased a Virgin LG K30 which isn't as cool, but the heaphones work.

Anyway, I was wondering about the status of my return and my refund.