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Hello I lost my SIM card recently while abroad. Can I get a new one with the same phone number? My phone is an iPhone 6S and I have the inner circle plan.

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Your number is not linked to the sim card so there will be no problem with keeping your number.


You can get a replacement sim (SIMGLW436C is the most common one for that model but others including SIMOLW416C also work).  If you are near an Apple Store you can get one on request [normally]).  Virgin Mobile can also provide you a sim and you can find one at suppliers on Amazon, Ebay and elsewhere.  The Apple Store may be the fastest route if one is located near you. 


It is very important that you get the correct model.


Once you have the sim you will need an agent to activate the sim on your account--you cannot simply insert it into the phone and have it work as Sprint systems sims do not operate that way.  The ICCID of the sim and the MEID of the phone are "married".


Re: SIM Card

Hi there, @madivance97! Thanks for stopping by. We can also send you a free compatible SIM card. If you'd like a one, please send us a Private Message with your phone number and PIN. 


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.