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Service Interrupted despite having paid

Whiz Kid

Service Interrupted despite having paid

Earlier this morning 10/27, a little after Midnight I noticed that my phone would not allow me to send out any text messages nor would any online apps or websites work for me. I logged into my Virgin Mobile account to discover it said my service was interrupted due to not having enough funds to cover my monthly charge. It was showing that there was $34.70 in my account. This made no sense to me as on October 12th I topped up my account for $35 (total of $38.75 after taxes )

My account was showing I owed .30cents in order to reactivate my account. I would like to know where the .30 cents from my $35 top-up went to. I would also like to know why I had to pay tax which was a total of $1.68 on .30 cents!?


I have topped up my account with the $35 ($38.75) for quite sometime now and never ran into an issue such as this.

My transaction history even shows the $35 I put into my account on October 12th. It shows no other history of losing .30 cents thus resulting in my service being interrupted.


I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this issue. Thank you.




Re: Service Interrupted despite having paid

Hello,@Hobbes. Thank you for stopping by. Could you please send us a private message to further assist you? We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M.