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Sooo Frustrated... Delay of Online Purchase, Unable to reach any customer service representative...

Whiz Kid

Sooo Frustrated... Delay of Online Purchase, Unable to reach any customer service representative...

I am a simple user not requesting crazy amount of data and able to work within Virgin Mobile's spotty service at times.  


I am a caregiver for my terminal mother.  I need to have a working phone to be reached and to communicate sometimes emergency issues.   


My phone met an unfortunate end and was unable to be fixed or wiped despite hours of research.  shopped around at other vendors and decided to forgo the exact phone I wanted for free because I liked Virgin up to that time.  I ordered the phone Tuesday night, I choose the Next Business Day Shipping Option due to the emergent need to have a working phone.    According to the information on the site, it would be processed Wedsnesday and delivered Thursday.  


Wednesday early afternoon, I come to find that my shipping confirmation email did not have my requested expedited shipping.  I have always gotten expedited in the past and never a problem.  

I checked the picture I took of the confirmation and there it was my expedited shipping.  


I tried via telephone customer service.  I sent a message through the Contact Me section on the website.  I find it horrible that you ask for my pin in a correspondence request.   I have not received any correspondence back.  


I finally decided to come to the community.   It is so horrible to see all the problems everyone is having.  Then a popup came up to rate the service.  I couldn't even rate the service and send over feedback because it failed.   The website is having so many problems.   I don't know if Virgin Mobile has always been this lacking on all fronts and I was just lucky or if this is a new way of operating.


I understand that as a month to month service without a contract there might be a lot of customer turnover.  However, I have been a faithful customer for years and you would expect: 

- discounts

- working service (including customer service)

- or at the very least for every department to do their job (orders, shipping, customer service communication if the order can not be fulfilled as requested with applicable retribution)


I know we are just cogs in this great money machine but it would be nice to know contacting a company we are paying and getting good service, the product we ordered in a timely manner, and proper communication and issue resolution should be baseline offerings. 


I know nothing will come to this and it will die in the online world and I will have to bite my tongue and contemplating a service switch.  At least this company allows you to leave and doesn't force you to remain in a contract with an abusive company.  




Re: Sooo Frustrated... Delay of Online Purchase, Unable to reach any customer service representat...

Hey there, eblieri! We can help you with that. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.

Whiz Kid

Re: Sooo Frustrated... Delay of Online Purchase, Unable to reach any customer service representativ

I had a similar issue. I ordered my new iPhone on Thursday at 8:39am. Chose expedited next day shipping. My phone shipped that evening and surprise... it did NOT ship expedited. I tried for 2 DAYS to get an answer why it was not shipped expedited and was told 4 different lies by 4 different people. 1.) I didn't order it on time by cutoff WHICH I DID. 2.) The phone wasn't in stock even though it was clearly in the hands of FedEx. THEN I WAS HUNG UP ON ASKING FOR A SUPERVISOR. And then the next 2 supervisors told me I WAS AT FAULT AND DIDN'T SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING WHEN I KNOW I DID!!!

Needless to say, I'm done with Virgin Mobile after 13 YEARS as a customer. I just purchased the SAME iPhone 6s through Total Wireless for $50 CHEAPER ($149.99) and a BETTER prepaid monthly plan at the same price!

Eff you Virgin Mobile and your lies!! You really screwed up this time!