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Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

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Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

Hi, I'm thinking of switching to Virgin Mobile specifically because, in addition to needing a new phone, I am planning a 6 week trip to England this fall. Before I leave my other carrier I want to be completely certain that I understand how this works. So I buy a new Iphone from Virgin and switch over my number and become part of the "Inner Circle", then a few weeks later I call to unlock my phone, get on a plane to England and install a SIM card from Virgin Mobile UK or another UK carrier and use my phone in England with an English phone number. Then when I get back to the US, I switch out the British SIM card for my original Virgin Mobile SIM card, and that's it? The phone will work again with my US number and I'll still be paying just $1/month until my one-year anniverary? I kinda feel like I want all this confirmed in writing before I take the plunge and find out I've missed something in the fine print. 


Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

I am nobody, but I believe you are 100% correct with your statement!, and isn't the 1$ a moth idea mind blowing? it is real, I am In and it feels amazing , best decion I made this year.   Yes, simply unlcok  your iphone for international usage, pop in a UK Carrier (you can get a carrier sim right at the international airport) pop in the new chip, bing bing bing and boom, you're on, finish your vacation, blow up your old sim card (or keep it as a momento) after you return, and come back to the Inner Circle.

ALSO!!!  you like travel? about a month(ish) after you join Inner Circle, you will get a special deal for a Buy One Get one Free companion ticket (just pay taxes and fees) for a Virgin  Atlantic flight ,so if you take advantage of that, you will be making profit off the the 1$ plan, pinch yourself, it is real.


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Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

Thanks EddieStarr, that's really encouraging -- and I've already picked out a phone -- but I'd still like a more official answer from someone at Virgin.


Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

So what do Android users have to do to use their phone internationally? I see no plan options or pay structure for international data, just plans for minutes and texting.


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I was received an e-mail my phone is unlocked and I also confirmed with the provided 800 number. I then tried a OneSim card and the phone will not accept the card. The notice says it either want the carrier sim or have it unlocked. I am leaving for Europe in 3 weeks and need my phone unlocked soon.

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Thank you for contacting us regarding your unlocked device, we are happy
to assist.

We have reviewed your account and confirmed that your iPhone SE is
currently locked to our network. Since we received an error message
while trying to unlock your iPhone SE, we have submitted an escalation
to a team of specialists, for them to unlock your phone. Please allow 24
to 72 hours for a resolution.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause.

If you need additional assistance, feel free to let us know how we can
assist you further or feel free to check "My Account" via for helpful tips to get your answers right away!


Luis L.
Virgin Mobile Customer eCare Team

This is what was e-mailed to me yesterday regarding my iphone.

I take to it that you (VM) will honor your response that this will be settled by the end of 72 hours since the e-mail send date of Monday, August 21, 2017 3:08 PM.
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Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

Where do you buy the Sims here in the US? I'm thinking of switching over and traveling aboard in a month.
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Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

You can't use virgin mobile over seas. You need to either buy a unlocked phone or if your phone is already unlocked buy a sim card to use in the country you are visiting for use.
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Re: Traveling Internationally? Pack your Bags!

Let me begin by saying that I have been a virgin mobile USA customer for about 15 years and have had very little trouble. (I'm an Inner Circle Member.) But I wish Virgin Mobile USA support knew about this promotion...

I called the day before I was going to Canada last week to make sure that I would be able to call home and have people from home call me while I was there. I was told that adding international calling would allow that.

When I got into Canada I found that my phone was just a very expensive clock. I had no service at all. I drove to a Virgin Mobile store with difficulty as I had no gps. They let me use their phone to call VM USA customer care (they couldn't help me because they are not connected with virgin mobile USA).

I was told that they would have to unlock my phone before it will work and that they will call me back at the store in 20 minutes. An hour later and still no call. I call back and they say it will take 48 hours before my phone will be unlocked and work. So I'm stuck. Virgin Mobile Canada employees say that doesn't make sense. When they go to the US their phones just automatically switch over to an American carrier. One of them puts his SIM card in my phone and it works so he says my phone is unlocked and it should work.

So now I'm driving through Canada without a phone. If I get in an accident, have car trouble, or any other emergency I can't contact anyone. Going to Toronto and can't call the hotel to get directions. Really put a damper on my trip and made my anxiety go through the roof.

No service at all for my entire trip. I get back to the USA and call customer care again and they say, "Well, at least your home safe and sound." They also tell me I could have gone to a cafe and used "some apps." I'm furious. I ask for a supervisor and I'm told they can't help me. I insist and have to argue with her for a few minutes before she transfers me.

Supervisor tells me that they don't have service in other countries. This is the first time I've been told this. She then says I'd have to get service from some other company if I go to another country again.

I can't understand why I wasn't told about this when I called the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time. Do you guys train your care staff?. This has really made me want to reconsider my loyalty to virgin.

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Hi Hailhydra! We apologize about all this inconvenience. Did you request the phone to be unlocked when you contacted Virgin Mobile USA from Canada?