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Where to start?

Whiz Kid

Where to start?

The problems started when I ordered a new SIM card for my phone to move it over to Virgin because my other provider had spotty reception in my area.  Somehow that SIM card got connected to my Virgin Mobile account and to the phone number that my mother uses.  I think I kind of understand how that happened.  I didn't know I couldn't just add a line and I was signed in to that account when I ordered the new SIM card on the website but whatever.  I've given up on moving that one over for now and I lost the packaging that that SIM card came in.


During this, my mother has been reporting that her data speeds have become unusable anywhere she goes.  I imagine this is somehow connected to the mess with the new SIM card.  I really should have written this a few weeks ago, but I don't really handle communication too well and I got disheartened by trying to contact customer service over the phone and on Facebook.  We somehow got disconnected from the phone line after being transferred around a bit and the Facebook crew just directed me to here after I tried explaining everything.


So to make it clear, I am writing this for one reason at this point.  The data service on my Virgin Mobile account has become unsuably slow over the last few weeks and I would like to get it resolved.


Re: Where to start?

Hi there! Definitely wanna look into that for you. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.