Why isn't my phone unlocking?


Re: Why isn't my phone unlocking?

Why did I just get this email from Sprint? I don't own this phone? I am trying to unlock a iphone 6s plus. It included the correct phone number and name. I'm confused and frustrated now.


Sprint may collect identifying information about you as well as
information about the products or services you have purchased or
considered purchasing so we can better serve our customers.  For more
information, go to 

Letting you know your HTC Desire 816 on line my phone number cannot be
unlocked due to programming restrictions associated with devices like
yours that were manufactured before February, 2015. You can try
providing your master subsidy lock (MSL) code "removed" to your new carrier
to find out if it will work on their network. Keep in mind we can't
guarantee your older device will operate correctly on another carrier's
network. Each wireless provider determines whether or not they will
utilize the MSL code to reprogram a device for use on their network.

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Re: Why isn't my phone unlocking?

Sounds like whoever sent you the email mistakenly put in the incorrect unlocking info for your phone.  Feb 2015 is around the time VM started having an unlocking policy.  I'd contact them especially if you've never owned an HTC Desire 816.  This URL describes Sprint's unlocking policy  https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/device/faqs-about-unlocking-your-sprint-device.html Note that in one place it mentions the Feb 2015 date as devices manufactured & at another place as devices lauched.  Your I phone 6s plus satisfies both because it was not launched until Sep 2015.  The SoCs used in the 6 vs 6s plus are different but the microarchitecture for the two are similar which leads me to believe that if you do need the MSL it is because the reused code requiring it because of the microarchitecture similarities.  I'd contact them again asking for clarification.  This is confusing.  Hope this helps.